Message from the Chief

Dear Friends,
As the Chief of Police for the City of Green Cove Springs Police Department, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our official website, as it was designed with you in mind and hopefully you will find it informative.  Since being hired as your Chief in December 2005, one of my continuing goals is to be more informative to the public through the use of modern technology.  To achieve this goal, we are constantly working to make this website more user friendly and enlightening.  Please take the time to explore all of the links available, as we have made a concerted effort to provide for your informational needs. Another one of my goals was, and remains the implementation of a strong Community Policing effort throughout the City of Green Cove Springs, so that we are more visible and responsive to our citizens and visitors.  A high level of public satisfaction and citizen input are our greatest assets, when we look to expand and improve any area of the Police Department. 
The dedicated and professional members of the Green Cove Springs Police Department are proud of the quality services they provide to our community, and are committed to helping you in any way possible.  Relationships are built on a foundation of trust and performance, achieved through the setting of goals and the willingness to adapt to our ever changing environment.  Further, we recognize that crime control and problem solving are shared responsibilities between the community we serve and this Police Department.  I believe that integrity, partnerships and education are the key ingredients for strong police/community partnerships, and for this reason, no member of this department will ever compromise honesty and integrity in their dealings with the community. With these principles in mind, it is incumbent upon the Police Department to continuously develop strong partnerships with our community, while proactively addressing individual problems and community concerns, so that together we make Green Cove Springs the safest City in Florida.
In closing, I have charged every member of the Green Cove Springs Police Department with the responsibility of furthering these principles and understand that collectively, we can make positive contributions that will improve the overall "quality of life" within the City of Green Cove Springs.

                                                                                                      Robert A. Musco
                                                                                                      Chief of Police
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